Is A Customer Magazine Right For Your Business?

The answer is yes!

Customer magazines share the look and feel of a traditional magazine, and are a great way to build your brand, drive sales, and generate customer loyalty. 

Trust is a must

There’s no getting away from the fact that customer magazines are a form of brand communication, with a very clear objective – sales. However, the sharing of relevant and valuable editorial information carefully balanced with promotional content, is a soft-sell; customers don’t feel like they're being sold to. 

PLUS, it’s tangible - customers feel like they are getting something real and valuable.

When there’s more to the story…

A customer magazine allows you to address the complexities of your brand or products that traditional advertising just doesn’t have the time or space for. Don’t be afraid to repeat important information in subsequent issues; as customers get to know you better, both brand empathy and quality perception consistently increase.

You’re in control

A customer magazine is an ‘owned medium’ channel. That means you’re in complete control; no brand interference or negative customer comments.

Let the numbers do the talking…


  • On average, customers spend 25 minutes reading customer magazines, and two-thirds of readers will keep customer magazines for a week* – that’s unparalleled engagement.


  • 3/5 readers think the content of customer magazines is relevant to them* - keep it coming!


  • 44% of readers will take some form of positive action* – yay!


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Take a look at a customer magazine we recently completed for Mazzucchelli's Jewellers in our recent projects

*APA advantage study Executive Summary, March 2005.