Get Ready To Shop!

Well today we’ve got some very exciting news to share. Our gift shop is up and running! You’ll currently find our new on-line store, Fluff & Bubbles, stocked with our original Advent Calendars, and delicious treats to fill them with. 

What’s so great about advent calendars you ask?

Aside from the fact they give you the opportunity to open 24 little treats (yay!), our Fluff & Bubbles original Advent Calendars are available in four super-cute designs. PLUS while advent calendars filled with chocolate are great (we love chocolate), our Advent Calendars are totally customisable, so you can fill them with whatever you like. We have fantastic range of edible fillers currently available, and more great options on the way.

So how did it all begin? 

Every year for the past 19 years, our company director Jannine, aka the J9 of j9etc. has made a totally unique Advent Calendar for her daughter (we know, we know – it’s just so sweet). It very quickly became a tradition they both cherish. 

With one of our favourite company sayings (‘Do what you love, love what you do’) buzzing around the office, we finally decided to take the plunge, and share these wonderful, whimsical and thoughtful gifts with the world! 

Keep an eye on our gift shop ( as we continue to add more brilliant products; just in time for Christmas!