Before You Get Social...

Before You Get Social...

Harnessing social media is essential for every business. These days, potential (and existing) customers want to know more than just your company phone number; social media is usually their first port of call, and your opportunity to make a great first impression. Via social media, customers are not only able to get to know your product or service, but also get to know your brand. Social media is about lifestyle, it provides a connection between product/service and real life; it’s an opportunity to show customers how their lives will change (for the better) because of your product/service – it’s a glimpse into your brand world. That being said, social media requires some serious management, commitment and knowledge. That’s why we’ve created our Before You Get Social Checklist; three important elements to consider so that your social media gets started on the right foot.

    Know Your Brand.

So, you know you have a great product/service. That’s a good (and essential) place to start, but social media is about more than just products/services – it’s about the big picture, aka your brand. Branding is the story around your product/service, the heart and soul of your company, and a window that connects you and your customers. Having a clear and consistent brand message is essential for an effective social media presence. Start with our 7 Steps to Branding Your Business.  

    Strategy.

Social media seems simple, basically everyone you know already does it - so what’s the big deal? A corporate social media presence is a delicate balance of seemingly (and sometimes actually) off-the-cuff posts, that tap into immediately relevant events, and social campaigns, that have been researched, planned and scheduled weeks in advance. Of course, these social campaigns need to be in-line with brand messaging, be interesting, engaging and valuable to consumers. Plus, social campaigns must be consistent across all platforms, include complementary visual components, and contain enough material to maintain an effective posting schedule (usually at least once a day, depending on the platform). Even if you decide to maintain your own social media presence, beginning with a professional audit/consultation can point your business in the right direction, and equip you with expert tips and tricks.

    System.

Keeping up with all the necessary elements of an effective social media strategy is hard work, especially across multiple platforms and while completing all your other work responsibilities. While there are scheduling tools (an absolute must for professionals and DIY marketers), having the expertise and support of a professional social media management team means you’ll never have to worry about content, design or scheduling again. Outsourcing your social media provides your business with an effective operational system, designed to keep your social media consistent, relevant and engaging, plus all the resources that come with a professional agency, right at your fingertips. 

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