Top Apps For Office Organisation

Top Apps For Office Organisation

Don't have time to organise your office? If you really knew just how much time disorganisation cost you, and how much time organisation will save you, you'd make time to get organised right now! We're not talking about the great 'messy vs tidy' desk debate (which in our experience is really neither here nor there; so long as everything has a place, even if that place is one of five stacks of documents with a coffee cup in between! On the other hand we're not encouraging totally filthy desks - especially if you're sharing an office!). We're talking about taking the time to invest in an effective and efficient office management system that will streamline your office, and give you more time to focus on your work.  

In this day and age, the best way to get organised is to GET APPY! Seriously, there's an app for everything, which usually means one of two things; you can spend hours scrolling through the features of apps you might not even need, or you can get lucky  and discover something that will truly make a difference to your day (okay, we admit it! We did spend hours searching for the apps we now can't imagine our office without - the good news is, you don't have to!).

We’re unlocking the vault, and sharing with you the apps that keep our office totally organised. Of course, as we mentioned there are hundreds of apps (we use a handful of apps that work together to create an office system that covers everything we need), the important thing is to find which ones work for you.



asana is a fantastic project management app for businesses of all sizes. With asana, you can create teams, start projects, and manage them by assigning smaller tasks within a project. asana will streamline your team communication, and allows you to keep all your project information in one place; with notes and conversations built in to each project, everyone can stay up to date! Say hello to a lot less emails! 


Harvest is a time-tracking/invoicing app that can be seamlessly integrated with asana. We use it to log time in each job, keep track of ongoing work or bigger projects and invoice our clients. Harvest takes the hassle out of invoicing and is especially useful if you’re working on projects as a team.


Most people are familiar with Dropbox, the perfect place to store all your files! Dropbox also works hand-in-hand with asana, so you can attach documents to asana projects straight from your Dropbox.


Trello is the list of all lists! Plan your week, or a single project; start with a board, add a list, and make sure you never miss a thing, by adding cards to your list. We love using Trello to plan our week; it’s a great place to write down all the things you need to get done, and you can easily move cards between lists and boards as you need to. Say goodbye to endless diary scribbles and changed plans, Trello is as flexible as life needs you to be!


Slack? Of course we use slack! Slack made it's debut in our office last year and we can't imagine the office without it. Slack offers a quick and easy communication channel between all team members, private messages, and integrates with some of our other favourite apps (so we're always up to date). Plus, it includes a great file sharing feature, and powerful search capabilities.

And now for the fun stuff….

You never know when or where you’re going to get inspired! At j9etc., inspiration is a BIG part of our job, so we like to be prepared. Our team love using Pinterest and Pocket around the office.


Pinterest a brilliant space to get inspired and save up all those good ideas for when you need them! 


Just like Pinterest, Pocket lets you save all the inspirational articles and stories you read in one place (so no more emailing yourself. Yay!). 


An organised office not only benefits us, but our clients too! When you choose our marketing concierge service, you can rely on an organised and accountable project management system (from creation to print), as well as exceptional design. Find out more about our marketing concierge service here or contact us today.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends, family, and colleagues - finding the right apps to get their office organised will mean more time you can spend together!