Social Media Audit

Why You Need A Social Media Audit


A social media audit is a must for every business with a social media presence (see our Before You Get Social blog for expert tips!). Why? It's just social media right? Wrong, social media is a fantastic way to reach, connect, engage, and maintain your customers, and that makes it really, really important! When something is that important, it's essential to get it right - I mean you wouldn't print a catalogue or air a television commercial that was almost right would you? 

Knowledge is power! Okay, it's a bit of a cliché we know, but it's just so true! It's easy to get caught up in the 'one post at a time' mentality; taking a step back and looking at your social media overall will allow you to get a better sense of the big picture, identify strengths and weakness, and develop strategies for improvement. 

With a strong strategy, you'll be able  to set benchmarks, and establish best practices for your company. Why is this important? There's always room for improvement, and this is what you should be striving for (especially on social media, where it's very easy to become stagnant); clearly identified benchmarks will allow you to more accurately measure your improvement, plus, best practices / company guidelines will keep your social media presence consistent. 

Expert Tip >> objectivity is invaluable. Working with a professional social media auditor is an efficient and effective way to get your social media on track.


So what's next?

Think you could be getting more out of your social media? Book your j9etc. Social Media Audit today.


What will you get? 

Our social media team will complete an objective audit of your social media (get more bang for your buck, and save with a multi-channel audit), provide you with specific, actionable feedback, and highlight opportunities for growth & improvement. Plus, we'll share our 'best practice guidelines', so you can continue to create effective social media content.  


Ready? Of course you are!

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