4 Things You Need To Know About Typography

4 Things You Need To Know About Typography

Whether you're selling, blogging, or showcasing, effectively communicating with your audience is crucial. Typography plays an important role in visual communication; when used correctly, it ensures an attractive presentation of information that may have otherwise been lost in a sea of text, preserves the aesthetic integrity of your content, and is essential for capturing, and holding the attention of your audience. Here are four ways typography can improve your customer communication: 



Choosing the correct font is super important; fonts can convey tone, topic, and emotion, all before your audience has even had a change to actually read the words.



Mastering typography isn't just about choosing a font - it's about arrangement too. Correctly arranging your text lets you lead your audience through the information you're presenting. When creating an information hierarchy think about how you can use size, colour, weight (bold or light), and of course, font, to direct your readers to the most important parts of your content. 



When communicating with your audience, the goal is to make it easy and enjoyable - you want them to stick around (and come back!). Create a strong first impression by choosing (and sticking to) a relevant and appropriate typography style that best communicates your message (service, industry, company culture etc.). 



Now that you've chosen a typography style that works for you, stick to it! Recognisability is essential for every brand; make sure your typography style fits in with your overall branding (a little bit of brand homework is a great place to start) Consistent use of your typography style will allow customers to instantly recognise your brand, no matter the topic, presentation, or platform. Try not to change your branding too often or for no reason (don't fix what isn't broken), but if you think your brand is ready for a refresh, don't rush it. Take the time to be creative, experiment and ask yourself - is this better than the original?  


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These typography tips can really enhance your customer communication, so don't forget to share them with your friends and colleagues!