How To Make Your Workplace More Productive

How To Make Your Workplace More Productive 


If our penchant for sunshiny yellow didn't give you a hint, at j9etc. we like to keep things positive. Our aim is to constantly provide our clients with exceptional service and fantastic design; to do that we need the very best from our team. We know "you get out what you put in", so we've made it our mission to cultivate a company environment that encourages, supports, and strengthens our team so that we can continue to create great work together. Here are 5 signs of a positive workplace!



A productive workplace must be flexible. It's important to recognise the constant struggle employees face trying to maintain a positive work/life balance. Our world has changed, and traditional 9-5 hours aren't always necessary; take a realistic look at your company structure, and day-to-day requirements, and see how flexible you can be. You might be able to offer your employees adjustable start/finish times or work from home days. Allowing employees to account for their own time can also encourage a more positive workplace; think about less regimented break times and unlimited leave allocations. 

A trusted, hardworking employee should be able to schedule their day like a CEO
— Ashely Judge, president of Funtrepeneur

In the absence of important conflicts, employees shouldn't think twice about scheduling personal appointments throughout the day. Worried your employees will be spending more time at the hairdresser and lunching than working, and all on your time - don't be. Big (and successful) companies like Netflix have found that increasing autonomy creates a more responsible and productive workplace.



This one goes hand-in-hand with flexibility (sort of); it's about trusting and empowering your employees to make meaningful decisions about their work. Autonomy doesn’t mean you have to let your team go rouge - it's really about setting expectations and allowing/requiring team members to be responsible. Of course, there'll still be decisions that will need to be made a management level, but you get the idea. Trust us, your employees will appreciate the freedom of setting their own timelines (while still meeting deadlines) and schedules.



Frequent and open communication between management and teams is a must for every positive workplace. Companies should maintain accessible platforms for information sharing ( e.g., email, instant messaging, digital group spaces, notice boards, staff meetings etc.). An 'open door policy' can keep the flow of communication open and foster closer working relationships. Don't forget to share constructive feedback with employees, as well as regular recognition of success and achievements. Remember you're a TEAM, so celebrate together!



Discomfort is a terrible distraction - you might think those sensible chairs and sparse walls create a distraction free zone, conducive to productivity, but for us (and we're guessing just about everybody else too!), a sterile, impersonal, and dare we say - boring - environment is wearisome! Suddenly, instead of focusing on your work - all you can think about is how uncomfortable your chair is and that funny smudge on the window (if you're lucky enough to have a window - sigh)! A positive workplace (and that’s a productive workplace if you haven't caught our drift), should be comfy! Create a flexible work space where employees are free to personalise their space with plants, photos etc. (nothing unprofessional of course), and if you can, set a budget for each employee to order office furniture that suits them. Remember you want your team to be the most productive they can be- it shouldn’t matter to you if they're sitting or standing at their desk or do their best work slouching in a bean bag! A welcoming break room and shared space where employees can brainstorm over coffee or share feedback is also a great way to breakup the day, and get your team working together.



Everybody knows regular exercise keeps you healthy and happy - and healthy, happy employees = productive employees! Encourage your team to take regular exercise breaks, start a company team in a local competition sport, and promote healthy eating options at the office. Not only is this great for employee health and well-being but it also provides an opportunity to build closer working relationships, so your employees will become more productive not just individually, but also as a team.


* Note for an EXTRA positive workplace, a splash of yellow is always a good idea! 

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