How to Create a Positive Workplace

How to Create a Positive Workplace

Let's face it, we spend a lot of time at work - but you probably don't need us to tell you that! Even with more flexible working arrangements, chances are you still spend more time working than not (four-day weekend? We wish!). If you're lucky enough to love your job (we are, we are!) - work is still work, and 40+ hours can feel like a very long time indeed. Never fear, we're sharing seven super tips to help you stay positive at work:

 1. Be Engaged & Keep Learning

 It might not be your dream job and it might not be forever, but there's always something to learn. Actively acquiring skills will build up your confidence (and your resume - the majority of the skills and knowledge you've gained will be transferable). Think back to when you first began and where you are now - if you're honest, you've probably come a really long way. Feeling confident at work will help keep your attitude positive - you've got this!

 2. Take A Break

Eight hours is a long time … as the day drags on, it's easy to lose focus and motivation (chances are your work quality is slipping too). Make sure you take a couple of breaks throughout the day, even just to get a coffee, stretch, or go for a short work if suitable. Trust us - you'll be re-energised and refreshed when you come back!

3. Leave Work @ Work

It can be really tough to disengage from work, both practically and mentally - especially in the age of smartphones - but making family, friends, and hobbies a priority when you're not a work is essential for maintaining an effective work/life balance. Commuting is a great time to digest the day or week you've had at work, before you get home - taking time to relax and engage with your life outside at work will make work more less intense and more enjoyable.

4. Make Friends

You don't have to be best friends with everyone, but cultivating positive workplace relationships and connections will make work seem - well less like work! Participate in after-work/workplace social activities, you'll feel more connected and more positive about work come Monday morning - so long as things didn't get too crazy at Friday drinks!

5. Get Comfy

A desk, a cubicle, a classroom, a corner office - wherever you work, make it your own! Personalise your work-space with a plant, a poster, family photos or bring your own coffee mug. It's the little things that make a difference. Be sure you check your company policy before making yourself at home!

6. Take Risks

You don't have to do anything wild - just creative. Flexing your creative muscles (even for routine tasks) will not only help you feel more engaged and connected with your work, but chances are it won't go unnoticed for long - promotion anyone?  

Getting feedback can sometimes be really tough. I like to keep a folder of positive feedback from clients and the team. It’s great to read through when I need to re-energise my work - especially if it’s been a tricky day.
— a fantastic tip from our very own Janice <3

7. Be Kind To Yourself

We often feel a lot of pressure/stress at work - it's important to remember that mistakes happen; all you can do is acknowledge it, repair it (if possible), and move on. Everybody has better days and worse days and chances are you're a lot harder on yourself than other people are. Don't let those negative feelings hang over you and try to be forgiving when you make a mistake or don't have the best day.
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